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Coming to the hospital

Your clinic appointment

On arrival at the three shires hospital, please register your car at reception.

Your appointment will be with Mr Rob Hicks, Specialist Consultant Surgeon.

The first part of this meeting is a few questions about why you have attended, what symptoms you have noticed and the duration. You will be asked about any previous medical issues and it is helpful to bring a list of any medications you may take.

After this, you will be examined. For a hernia, this starts with you standing and then lying down. A bedside ultrasound may be performed at his stage to help with the diagnosis.

We respect your dignity at all stages of this examination. We are happy to provide a chaperone for you for the examination if you wish.

If the diagnosis is clear, then the surgeon will discuss the options for treatment with you and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different options. It is at his point that we will consider whether the procedure can be done under local anaesthetic (awake) or would require a general anaesthetic. We can also discuss the option of mesh-free hernia surgery at this stage.

On occasions, further investigations are required, either a formal ultrasound, CT or MRI.

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