Core stability and conditioning

In the ideal world, we like to have seen the patient in the physio clinic before the op to familiarise them with the core / abdominal work that is required of them. The core muscles are essential to stabilise the trunk. After pain and discomfort in this area, they are often weak and poorly controlled. If Core Stability is not restored then a full recovery will not be achieved.

However, as some of the structures involved in the surgery are integral to the core stabilisers you have to be careful not to strain too much too soon. Therefore working under the control of a physiotherapist with knowledge and experience of the surgery is essential.

Once you are past the ‘danger’ period you can return to pilates and gym work under the supervision of the instructors. Your physio will advise when you are ready.


The Rehabilitation process is patient-specific. There is a lot of general work relevant to everyone but the mid and end-phase rehab has to be tailored to the individual and their needs, from the weekend gardener to the elite sportsperson.

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