• Rehab overview

    Rehabilitation is an important part of recovery after all operations and particularly after any [...]

  • Scar tissue minimisation

    Even the smallest wound leaves a scar. It is essential that this scar does not [...]

  • Restoration of normal function

    The golden rule after surgery is to avoid activities which are painful. Gradually the discomfort [...]

  • Core stability and conditioning

    In the ideal world, we like to have seen the patient in the physio clinic [...]

  • The Rehab Program for Return to Sport

    If you are keen to return to sport or want to maximise your recovery [...]

  • Physio partners with Rob Hicks and The Hernia Clinic

    St Georges House 56 Billing Rd 01604 601641 https://www.wpbphysio.co.uk Visit Circle Health Group [...]