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Post-operative care

Early mobilisation is recommended. Patients are advised to walk from the first day after surgery and as each day passes to walk faster, further and for longer. Discomfort usually lasts for 10 days and is controlled by simple painkillers such as Paracetamol and ibuprofen, if tolerated.

Driving is not permitted for 48 hours after a general anaesthetic and you should be confident to perform an emergency stop. I generally advise patients to wait for approximately 5 days before driving.

The decision about when to return to work is more variable and depends really upon the requirements of the individual’s job. For someone who is mainly office based, then a return to work at 7-10 days is normal. For those whose job is more physical then it may be possible to return to work light duties before returning to hard physical work by 4 weeks.

In general, you are advised is to avoid any activities that cause pain.

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