Scar tissue minimisation

Even the smallest wound leaves a scar. It is essential that this scar does not become tight, thereby restricting the range of movements and normal muscle function. You can reduce internal scarring by stretching at an early stage after surgery. This should not be into pain – pulling and tightness are fine but not actual sharp pain. Normal movements help to prevent the scar from becoming too tight and restrictive. Massage directly to the layers of tissue at the site of surgery stops the scar from sticking together.

Use some massage oil or ‘Bio-oil’ to rub along the scar, gradually increasing the amount of pressure on the scar and layers beneath. In the early phase, you will feel a solid ridge under the scar which is part of the natural healing process. With massage, you can reduce this and also reduce the sensitivity of the scar itself.

A physiotherapist can help with this process in the early stages and we would encourage you to contact one of our physio partners to help with this.

It is particularly important for sportsmen to maintain the function of the lower core muscles. Ordinarily, the individual core muscle layers slide across each other during normal movement and it is important to preserve this after surgery.

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