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Incisional Hernia

An Incisional Hernia is a hernia that occurs at the site of a previous operation. In some situations, the scar does not heal fully and a hernia can result.

Incisional hernias are more common after emergency abdominal surgery, especially if there has been a wound infection during the healing period, or if the wound is reopened for a second time.

Incisional hernias are also more common in people who smoke.

To try to avoid an incisional hernia, follow your surgeon’s advice regarding recovery and activity after surgery.

An incisional is normally identified as a swelling or lump. It does not cause any symptoms and disappears on lying flat. Gradually they can enlarge and occasionally can become irreducible, that is you are unable to push the hernia back in.

If the hernia is irreducible and becomes tender, then this lead to the more serious complication of a strangulated hernia.

Incisional hernia can be treated with an operation, either an open repair or a laparoscopic ‘keyhole repair’.

The advantages and disadvantages of the different methods will be discussed with you at your consultation.

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