• Open / Tension Free Repair

    Open mesh repair - 'Lichtenstein type repair' The mesh repair is the technique most commonly [...]

  • Laparoscopic repair – TEP

    The Totally Extraperitoneal Repair (TEP) is a keyhole technique for inguinal hernia repair. With this [...]

  • Laparoscopic repair – TAPP

    Trans-Abdominal Pre-peritoneal Repair (TAPP), is an alternative keyhole technique for inguinal hernia repair. With this [...]

  • Minimal repair

    Minimal Repair is a technique used by some surgeons where it is suspected that only [...]

  • Surgical truss

    Surgery is not always recommended. Some patients may not be suited to surgical repair, perhaps [...]

  • Post-operative care

    Early mobilisation is recommended. Patients are advised to walk from the first day after surgery [...]

  • Complications after surgery

    Although complications occur rarely with this type of surgery. All patients should understand the range [...]

  • Surgical Mesh

    Surgical mesh is a type of implant used for hernia repair. About 1 million meshes [...]

  • Mesh Free Repair

    Using mesh is not the only way to repair a hernia. In some circumstances, it [...]