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Hernia International Carpenter

Rob Hicks and the Hernia clinic support ‘Hernia International Carpenter’

This Charity supports the provision of healthcare to the community of Carpenter and the surrounding region in Northern Ghana. The charity will provide financial assistance, surgical operations, surgical equipment, healthcare facilities, advice and medical education.

Rob has led several teams to Ghana to perform hernia repairs and continues to support the growth of a surgical service in the newly built Leyaata hospital in the village of Carpenter.

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Ghana Health partners

Ghana Health Partners

For over a decade, a team of volunteers (health professionals from Canada, UK and Germany) travelled to Northern Ghana to offer clinics to thousands of patients who cannot afford medical care.
Now, they are working alongside our Ghanaian health professionals providing foundational teaching, training, and mentorship.

  • Dr. Jennifer Wilson, Lead Physician, Ghana Health Partners
  • Dr. Rob Hicks, Lead Surgeon, Hernia International Carpenter


If you are planning on an operation to have your hernia repaired – Please consider pledging a donation to support the repair of hernia for someone in Carpenter.

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