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Operation day

On your day of surgery, you will be advised as to what time to arrive. Please check in at the reception and you will be guided to your room. One of our nurses will visit you and do the admission process, taking your blood pressure and observations

Most hernia operations are performed as a day case so you will be going home later in the day. We do advise you to bring a dressing gown and slipper as you will walk to the operating theatre.

Before the operation, Mr Hicks will meet you to confirm the details of your surgery and mark the skin prior to the procedure. He will also confirm your consent. If you are having a general anaesthetic, the anaesthetist will visit you at this time and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may still have.

You may drink water before 6 am on your operation day but please do not eat on the day of surgery, have any other drinks with milk or chew gum.

You do not need to shave the area of your hernia prior to surgery, this is best done immediately prior to the operation in the theatre.

After the operation, you will return to your room on the ward. After a period of time, you will be given something to drink and to eat. The nursing staff will encourage you to get up and out of bed. Before you leave the hospital, we would expect you to have passed urine.

For most hernia procedures, the wounds are closed in layers with stitches that are absorbed and do not need to be removed. The wound is covered with glue and there are no dressings that need to be removed or replaced.

You will be given a work certificate and advice as to who to contact in the event of any problems after surgery.

You will also be given an appointment for your review in the clinic.

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