Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

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How do I know if it is a Hernia?

Sometimes the first symptom is a lump in the groin, other times it is pain or discomfort. Hernias do not account for all groin and abdominal symptoms, and certainly not all of these require surgery.  Many injuries around the groin and abdomen can be treated with physiotherapy alone.

It is always important to rule out other causes of groin pain, including lower back and hip problems. This is the point where an assessment by a Physiotherapist with experience in Hernias and all the associated issues is essential. If there is a true hernia then you will be referred to Rob Hicks for a surgical opinion. If it is not a hernia the actual condition can be addressed with Physiotherapy.

However, if it is a true ‘Hernia’ or ‘Sports Hernia’ then it will not usually resolve without surgery. At The Hernia Clinic, we can offer the most current and appropriate surgical techniques to correct the defect, which is followed up by an integrated rehabilitation package. This will include biomechanical assessment and a graded rehabilitation program.